Takama Hara Heiroglyph


"The Spirit of the Universe will be

found within." Morihei Ueshiba

Sensei David O’Brien (4th Dan)

Affiliated to Bushin Aikikai (BA)         Bushin Aikikai Heiroglyph

Developed by Morihei Ueshiba, O Sensei, from the Japanese martial art of Daito-Ryu  Aiki-Jujutsu.  This evolution began by introducing a more dynamic spherical movement to the execution of this martial way, ‘Budo’, being extensively influenced by Ueshiba’s skill with Katana (Sword), Jo (Short Staff) and Tanto (Knife).

The ability to engage with another person’s energy (Hara) and to control it is fundamental to Aikido irrespective of the other persons’ size, gender or age.  This can be achieved through diligent training in the dynamic movement of Aikido and the techniques incorporated within it.

Today Aikido is practiced around the world.  The practitioners’ of Aikido range from children to adults, civilians’ to the Tokyo Metropolitan Riot Police, who train solely in Aikido.


Sensei (Instructor) David O’Brien (4th Dan), has nearly 25 years continual practice following the influences of Pierre Chassang, Nobuyoshi Tamura and for the last 6 years Hayato Osawa. Also David is a fully qualified instructor with Coaching Levels 1 & 2, CRB Checked, Young Persons Qualified Coach, and Child Care & Protect Certified UKCC.

We would be pleased to welcome all to the Dojo (practice hall) where you will find a friendly atmosphere in which to learn and practice.

David O’Brien 07969875099 E-mail : davidobrien64@ yahoo.co.uk

Walney Island, North Scale Community Centre

Children’s Classes

Monday 6.00pm to 7.00pm

Wednesday 6.00pm to 7.00pm

Adult Classes

Monday 7.10pm to 8.30pm

Wednesday 7.10pm to 8.30pm